Nurturing the Heart of a Perfectionist


One of the greatest needs that perfectionists have is nurture, the need to find comfort through unconditional loving care. Perfectionists have an inner critic that drowns out the nurturing voice they need. It amplifies criticism, shame and judgment. So we continue to live in with a ball of emotional pressure on a daily basis. Instead […]

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What is Love? (Part 6)

What is Love

Love calls for us to grow in wisdom and maturity, where we realize that we all need to grow in what love calls for in a given situation. In this broadcast, I want to extend the invitation to grow in knowledge and discernment of love by increasing in wisdom. Video Broadcast: Previous Episodes: What is […]

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Receiving Nurture During Turbulent Times


When turbulent times kick up in our lives, our ability to access nurture is needed. Nurture is pathway of love that allows us to receive comfort, to heal, strengthen ourselves and recover from challenging times. Our emotional ups and downs, our lack of comfort and unstable emotions can all reveal our need for nurture. in […]

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Healing Your Mother Wounds

Mother Wounds

How you respond to the struggles of life or recover from difficult challenges has a lot to do with how well you are able to experience nurture. And how you practice nurture has a lot to do with the relationship you had with your mother. So what comes to the surface of your heart when […]

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Healing Obsessive Compulsive Battles

OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Healing

Obsessive compulsive disorder reveals more than just a psychiatric or mental health issue. There is a growing pattern where our culture is becoming increasingly obsessive and compulsive. The OCD battleground actually reveals where we need healing to our hearts. But it needs special attention and equipping.  Melissa and I both have a history with Obsessive […]

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