Healing Obsessive Compulsive Battles

Obsessive compulsive disorder reveals more than just a psychiatric or mental health issue. There is a growing pattern where our culture is becoming increasingly obsessive and compulsive. The OCD battleground actually reveals where we need healing to our hearts. But it needs special attention and equipping. 

Melissa and I both have a history with Obsessive Compulsive struggles. Through God’s grace and discovering revelation, we’ve been able to experience tremendous freedom. We’ve also had the privilege of helping many people experience freedom themselves. 

OCD is way more than cleanliness and order issues, although they are certainly a part of the battle. Obsessive compulsive struggles can manifest in a variety of ways, including: 

  • worry about harm, self-harm or harm to others
  • anxiety with a lot of obsessive focus . . . 
  • unshakable thoughts that don’t stop
  • intrusive, unwanted thoughts that initiate a lot of fear, anxiety, guilt, etc
  • obsessive thoughts over relationship interactions
  • religious obsession, including sin obsession, compulsive confession, constant internal religious arguments, intense black and white thinking, intense self-condemnation
  • relationship reassurance . . . doubt and insecurity over committed relationships

In our personal work with many people, we are finding that along with the battles people face, there is an obsessive and compulsive pattern that is coming alongside, further stealing the peace that is available.

In this episode, we pray that our discussion can bring insight into the subject of OCD and encourage you to experience greater healing and freedom in the love, nurture and grace of God.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The various ways OCD tendencies can manifest in people’s lives.
  • How our culture has become more obsessive and more compulsive.
  • Our own journey of healing from Obsessive Compulsive struggles.
  • Understanding some of the key themes that need to be addressed when helping those with OCD battles.

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