New FREE Online Training Course: The Heart Healing Journey Vol 01

If you are looking to jump start your heart healing and transformational journey, then take advantage of this FREE online course called, The Heart Healing Journey Vol 01. Based on chapters 1-12 of the book, The Heart Healing Journey, this Volume 1 online course will help lead you into awakening, healing and transforming the life […]

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S08 Ep03: How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence has a lot to do with the life of the heart, but do believers recognize their need to grow in emotional intelligence.? In this episode, we want to talk about the value of emotional intelligence, and also discuss how we can grow in self-awareness, social connection and improved relationships. As a part of […]

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Healing Your Father Wounds

Father Wound

Many struggle to receive the beauty of God’s love for them. The reality is, the father wounds they carry prevent them from connecting God as a Father. As you move yourself towards the root system of heart healing, there are some important questions you’ll need to address. They may be challenging to consider, yet they […]

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Allowing God to Heal Your Relationship References

Relationship References

The reason why it’s important to address the unhealthy human experiences we’ve had, is because these wounds infect how we view God and how we process relationships. Your earthly grid of experiences have a high level of influence upon your spiritual perspective and vision for the future.  Earthly relationships are meant to give us references […]

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