New FREE Online Training Course: The Heart Healing Journey Vol 01

If you are looking to jump start your heart healing and transformational journey, then take advantage of this FREE online course called, The Heart Healing Journey Vol 01.

Based on chapters 1-12 of the book, The Heart Healing Journey, this Volume 1 online course will help lead you into awakening, healing and transforming the life of your heart in many ways.

I am committed to keeping this material both insightful and practical, where you can be inspired, but also know how to put these heart principles into action.

With tools to apply, you will be encouraged step by step to experience the healing your heart was made for, while also awakening you to the potential you carry.

This video series starts with the book material message, but also adds so much that is not included in the book, to give you a treasure chest of help for your transformational journey.

Be sure to get your copy of The Heart Healing Journey as you follow along in this FREE course!