The Gospel: Healing to Your Broken Heart

Heart Healing

When we think of the Gospel, most believers automatically go to thoughts of going to heaven and forgiveness of sins. While these are incredibly important and critical aspects of the Gospel, do you ever hear about the experience of healing your heart as a major expression of the Gospel’s power? Why isn’t healing of the […]

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New Online Training Course: The Heart Healing Journey Vol 02

Take the next step into a new level of healing, freedom and transformation for your heart through experiencing The Heart Healing Journey Volume 2. In this series, we begin with more short from videos, but then move into insightful long form content, where I will share insights, stories and application that will help your heart […]

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S09 Ep15: The Aftermath: Healing After Leaving a Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationships

Once someone has made the decision to leave a toxic relationship or organization, a new chapter of healing opens up. For most, there are areas of healing that can be addressed that were never addressed before. This season takes kindness, wisdom and patience. We pray that in our discussion, you will find encouragement, insight and […]

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A Chance to Start Over

Start Over

When people ask me about my healing journey, one of the mindsets I emphasize over and again is something very simple: I went back to the beginning and started over. I realized that in my struggle, my issues were leading me back to the foundation, the fundamentals that I skipped over or never learned to […]

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