The Gospel: Healing to Your Broken Heart

When we think of the Gospel, most believers automatically go to thoughts of going to heaven and forgiveness of sins. While these are incredibly important and critical aspects of the Gospel, do you ever hear about the experience of healing your heart as a major expression of the Gospel’s power? Why isn’t healing of the broken heart taught in the what the Gospel offers?

Why is heart healing a side class for the people that seem “really broken,” when in reality, we all have brokenness in our lives that needs tending to? The Gospel brings an eternal remedy to the impact of sin, which leaves people in tremendous brokenness. The power the good news carries invites you and I to experience continual healing and restoring to our hearts.

Yes, we are all broken people navigating a journey of experiencing the power of the Gospel.

But have we been equipped to experience the heart healing available in the Gospel?

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