How Do You Relate to Yourself in Your Struggles?

Today I want to address a number of questions that have a common theme: how we relate ourselves in the midst of our brokenness, struggles and pain. If you are wanting to grow in your heart healing journey, what I share here the major importance of relating to yourself with greater kindness, patience and compassion.

Most of the time, we relate to ourselves with contempt, condemnation and shame. Self-hate and anger rises up. But all those harsh inner voices never lead to healing and greater freedom. It is the kindness and compassion of God that leads us into healing and freedom. But do we know how to practice that towards ourselves?

The questions I address hit a number of areas:

  • How to work through struggles with self-hate.
  • What are the root issues that contribute to self-harm?
  • Everyone else seems more joyful and free than I am. Why can’t I get it together?
  • Working through low moods and bad feelings.
  • When shame and fear increase as you seek to move into new directions.
  • Does God really love me in a way that He personally directs that love to me? ‘

In each of these questions, I will show you how our battles bring an invitation to shift how we relate to ourselves, our thoughts and what we are going through.

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