7 Things We Need to Let Go Of

There are things we need to embrace as we learn and walk our healing and freedom journey, but there are also things we need to learn to let go of, they get in the way of fruitful healing and growth. Each of us has to learn how to let go of things in our life that we are not meant to carry.

In the book of Galatians, the Apostle Paul is talking about the subject of bearing burdens, he instructs that “each one shall bear his own load.” loads meaning (freight, luggage). The book of Hebrews reminds us to “lay aside every weight.” Jesus referred to it as yokes.

You and I have “yokes” or “luggage” that we are to carry, but they are not meant to weigh us down and burn us out. They become what God pours His grace into, where we gain energy and empowerment to focus on what is important for our journey and those you get to make a difference with.

But as we go through life, there can be a tendency for luggage to accumulate. Our yoke becomes heavy. Our journey becomes weighed down. Weariness sets in. So many believers are living a “weighed down” life, where they are carrying things they actually do not need to carry. But somehow they think they are supposed to just keep doing the same thing. They don’t consider that they may need to actually LET GO of the extra luggage and burdensome yokes they’ve been shouldering. It took a while for me to realize that there were things I was carrying that I actually did not need to carry, I was not called to carry and I could make a decision to let them go. Learning to let go will help us to make way for the new and for what is healthy.

As vessels of God, there is only so much you and I are meant to carry. Many times holding on to what we need to let go of keeps us from welcoming the new. Today, Jesus is in the work of helping you and I to exchange yokes. Today I want to talk about seven yokes or pieces of luggage that you can learn to let go of. Today would be a great day to begin changing yokes so we can walk in greater clarity for our journey.

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