Where Do I Start in My Heart Healing Journey?

If I was to look back at the early stages of my healing journey and the lives of those I have seen pursue a heart healing path in life, there is something very important that needs to be embraced along the way. It cannot be overlooked.

Those who truly learn to experience greater mental, emotional and relationship healing in their have learned the importance of slowing down the pace of their life. Slowing down is a posture of the heart, one that takes time and practice. It helps bring our minds to a much healthier rhythm, so we can receive and process what we need in healing and renewal. But if you look around, there is so much resistance to slowing down.

Everything in life is calling for your attention and calling for it now. The world is telling you to hustle and move faster. I believe that one of the demonic forces in the world involves a constant lifestyle of busyness that is applauded, rewarded and encouraged. It is keeping people from experiencing meaningful connection with God, themselves and each other. This fast paced life is keeping families from connecting, marriages from experiencing meaningful closeness and friendships from going deeper with each other in relationships.

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