The Mind Body Connection Part 4: The Danger of an Overused Stress Response

One of the best ways to promote healing in a person’s mind and body is to stabilize and restore a healthy stress response. In our modern day culture, most people are walking around with an overused and depleted stress response and it is working against their overall health and well being. What was designed to be used […]

The Mind Body Connection Part 3: Neurological Peace

Neurological peace is our body’s response to us being at peace within our thoughts, emotions and our overall state. Our entire nervous system is tied in to how well we are living at peace and healthy thinking within. More specifically, we want to examine the autonomic nervous system, a critical part of the central nervous […]

The Mind Body Connection Part 2: Chronic Stress

The amazing fact is that God designed our body to be able to handle the temporary fears, stresses, disappointments and challenges of life in a dynamic way. It is when this system is abused, overused and compromised that breakdown occurs. Most of the biological problems that occur in our health deal with the issue of […]

The Mind Body Connection Part 1: Prosperous Thinking

It is important we understand how our biology relates to our spirituality and how we think. With modern science and technology available to us, I think Christians ought to be highly educated in how the body works because we are called and established by God to minister to the full person–spirit, soul and body. One does not need […]

#109: Confronting The Intimacy Killer – Shame [Podcast]

What Keeps People from Experiencing Intimate Relationships? We are all dying to connect with others, but at the same time we avoid intimacy like a plague. It is dysfunctional when we read it on paper, but unfortunately it is how we live. What keeps us in this perpetual hide and seek from God and each […]

#096: Getting To The Root of The Problem [Podcast]

On this week’s episode, we want to get to a major reason we don’t see change and transformation in our lives. We often wear ourselves out and live in constant frustration because of it. We try to overcome so many battles, but we never get to the root reason why this battle is even here. We […]

The Kind of Fast You Need to Consider: Negativity Fast

This is a time of year when many people considering starting off a new season with prayer and fasting. Most of the time, fasting involves refraining from eating to a certain degree in order to spend time seeking God in greater measure. Unfortunately, many times of fasting become hunger strikes, where people fast to convince […]

7 Reasons Our Resolutions Don’t Produce Transformation

It has been studied that 47% of Americans make new years resolutions. Only 8% have been found to actually achieve those resolutions. It seems today that people are very prone to talking about change, but not really stepping into it. We look at transformation sometimes as a “it would be nice” rather than an actual […]

#086: How Destructive Thoughts Get in Our Lives and What to Do About It [Podcast]

Current events are causing more and more people to face the thoughts in their lives, especially fear, dread and despair. I believe that now more than ever, we need to face the negative, destructive and unhealthy thoughts in our lives with a new tenacity. If we do not address these thoughts, we can become crippled […]

Our Culture Has Become Obsessed! Healing for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I’m having an OCD fit. I’m a little OCD. I am so OCD. Obsessive Compulsion Disorder or as it is often called, OCD, has now become a cultural term. What can be a diagnosed mental illness is also used to describe a fit one may be having in the mind. People can even use OCD […]