Obsessive Compulsive about Anger (and Underlying Perfectionism)

OCD anger

Today I am responding to a question that was recently submitted about fear, anger, irritability and more. As I respond to the email, allow me to help bring insight and perspective to where we can actually become very obsessive compulsive about anger rising up or issues that trigger anger. Many people become obsessive compulsive about […]

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How to Have a Good Argument

Most people hate conflict and many avoid it at all costs. But quality relationships are often forged when difficult conversations are had, and the relationship comes out stronger on the other end. I have found sometimes it means having a good old argument to shake the relationship to where it needs to go. Unfortunately, the idea […]

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What Your Anger Says About You

Everyone faces the issue of anger in their life; whether its anger that lashes out at someone, anger that is pent up inside or anger you wear on your face. Unresolved anger can become a very deadly poison in a person’s life. It can rob them of peace, healthy relationships and can be a leading […]

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