Do You Have a Rejection Mindset?

A rejection mindset is something we will all have to face in our lives, especially because it will infect how we process relationship. The following is a “Rejection Detection” quiz that will help you to understand how rejection may be affecting your thoughts, feelings and perspectives. If you answer yes to at least one of these, then you will see where this toxic mindset may have contaminated your life. If you answer them honestly, you can position yourself to receive greater healing and breakthrough. Take a moment to mark which ones you believe could apply to you:

  1. Do you feel insecure in relationships?
  2. Do you anticipate rejection or negative communication from people? Do you anticipate people rejecting you?
  3. When someone questions you or disagrees with you, do you become deeply irritated and angry?
  4. Do you find that people say you are “super-sensitive?”
  5. Do you feel a need to be right in discussions?
  6. Do you “over-talk” in relationships? Do you seem to walk away from social interactions drained, because you expended so much energy? Do you struggle with silent moments when interacting with people?
  7. Do you feel better when you perform something well at work, yet crash when things did not go so well?
  8. Do you repeatedly feel compelled to tell others about the accomplishments you have achieved or flash your resume when you talk to people?
  9. Do you not even share about yourself, thinking no one really cares anyway?
  10. When you are honest with yourself, do you do things to get attention from people?
  11. Do you become easily hurt and offended by people?
  12. Do people’s accusations seem to stick with you and bother you longer than they should?
  13. Do you struggle with addictive habits?
  14. Do you find that you do not know who you are?
  15. From a general view, do you have a hard time figuring out where you are headed in life?
  16. Do you constantly deal with fear in the form of anxiety, stress and worry?

Get your copy today of “Exposing the Rejection Mindset” and uncover this tangled web of thinking for good! Question: Which of the 16 questions do you find that people struggle with the most?