Obsessive Compulsive about Anger (and Underlying Perfectionism)

OCD anger

Today I am responding to a question that was recently submitted about fear, anger, irritability and more. As I respond to the email, allow me to help bring insight and perspective to where we can actually become very obsessive compulsive about anger rising up or issues that trigger anger. Many people become obsessive compulsive about […]

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When Your Heart is Angry at God

Angry at God

We need to talk about shame and the way it fuels an anger towards God. Being angry at God is a subject Christians are not always comfortable talking about, but it is an issue. It is something that any overcome has to face in their journey. I want to talk about it honestly and provide […]

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Getting to the Root of Your Anger Battle

Idolatry is a significant battle for all human beings, especially because we were intentionally designed to be extravagant worshippers. The problem is not whether or not we will worship – we do that by default. The issue is “What will we set our affection, attention and devotion to in our daily walk to receive healing, […]

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