Love is Not So Easily Triggered

If you want to grow in the life of love, you can see where love needs to have a greater work by identifying what triggers you or pushes your emotional buttons. We have these sensitive spots in our emotions can become very easily provoked. 

As we look at what provokes you, I want to invite your heart to welcome new levels of healing and strengthening that are available for. Because if these areas are not addressed, they can keep very unhealthy patterns ingrained in our lives. 

Do you find yourself being easily triggered, set off, teed off . . . do people make you want to pop off? Whatever you want to call it, today I want to invite you to let love have a deeper work. It is possible to let God heal and mature our emotional state, where we learn to carry a deeper love, so that when we show up, the enemy’s devices are pushed back and God’s ways flood in. 

It’s the love of God that grounds us and changes the whole interaction we have with ourselves and the world around us. The love of the Father will lead us to develop emotional self-control, His love stabilizes us, grounds us, heals us and matures us. It is my prayer for you that the love of God will be a deep personal experience, where it shows up in how you see others and how you interact with others. 

Today’s insight launches from 1 Corinthians 13:5, where it says – “Love is not provoked” and I will actually cover this one phrase in two parts. Today is part 1.

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