Have You Felt Rejected By God?

When it comes to rejection, the father wound is certainly a major place where healing is needed. In order to become healed from this rejection, however, we cannot simply run to our earthly father and ask for his approval, because most likely he does not know how to give it. We have to run to our heavenly Father. He is the only perfect Dad. Unfortunately, we learned how to relate to God by how we related to our earthly father.

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Intruding Voices

When listening for God’s voice, we have been trained to tune into the voice that sounds most like our Dad’s. When we have not been loved properly by our fathers, rejection trains us to hear a voice that is a counterfeit of God’s, though we may have thought it was God. This voice was colder, conditional and distant. It may have been an angry or harsh voice that now becomes transposed to God. Therefore, over time, we placed the attributes that our earthly fathers possessed onto God.

[bctt tweet=”When listening for God’s voice, we have been trained to tune into the voice that sounds most like our Dad’s.”]

Did God Leave Me Hanging?

These rejection roots deeply penetrate into the soil of our lives. We start to blame our struggles and frustrations on God, as though He left us hanging. Satan knows if he can make God the reason or source for our pain, there will be a sense of separation from His love.

Many believers confess a sense of not feeling close to God and struggle feeling connected to Him. Rejection is often the common root.

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Angry with God

The world is full of people who are tormented by this bondage of rejection and as a result are very angry with God. They have been mistreated and unloved by people in their life; God’s nature has been misrepresented. A skewed view of God develops and festers, while rejection continues to create a sense of separation from God’s love.

The pain of a person’s life gets projected onto God as though He was the author of it or He carelessly let them become wounded and hurt.

Awkward with Father

Another critical aspect of rejection is that it causes people to deeply struggle in relating to Father God Himself. In becoming believers, they were familiar interacting with Jesus, praying to Jesus and calling out to Jesus, yet they carry a deep awkwardness in having relationship with Father God. I was one of those people.

Because of the rejection strongholds in my life, I was very uncomfortable interacting with Father God, especially in the dimension of addressing Him as Dad or Daddy, which is what the word “Abba” means. I felt like it was sacrilegious to address God as Father, or even Dad. I preferred to call out to Jesus.

There is nothing wrong with calling out to Jesus, but there is a deeper dimension of relating to the Godhead. God’s Word teaches this deeper dimension in our spiritual walk. Except for one Scripture, there is no mention in the Word of God about praying to Jesus. The Scriptures teach us that we are to pray to the Father in the name of Jesus. Jesus is the way to the Father.

We cannot have a relationship with the Father apart from Christ. At the same time, Jesus did not die on the cross so we could just know Him, but that we would also know the Father. Additionally, he took the sting of rejection on the cross. He knew what it meant to carry the sins of the world and feel separation from the Father on the cross. He took that upon Himself so we would never have to be separated from God.

Rejection contradicts God and trains us to feel separated from Him.

Question: Where has rejection taken your wounded and caused a sense of separation between you and God?