My Daily Rhythms to Remain Connected to the Father’s Love

I received a question about connecting to the Father’s love that I want to address: “I would like to hear about your daily, weekly, regular rhythms in life to keep connected, rooted and grounded in the Father’s love.” Video Broadcast: Recommended Resources:  The Heart Healing Journey Exposing the Rejection Mindset Experiencing God’s Love as Your […]

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Spiritual Blocks to the Life of Your Heart – #03 Knowledge with No Action

Knowledge with no action

We can easily become deceived into thinking we “know” something, even though its not a part of our daily experience. In today’s world of information availability, you can find information about any subject. Yet just because you know the information, does not mean you possess it in your life. You do not carry a precept […]

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Advice for those Who Struggle with the Holidays

Holidays are associated with celebration, connecting with loved ones and being refreshed. Yet for so many, holiday seasons can have painful associations attached. Memories of loss and reminders of heartache can often cloud the celebrations. Some have lost a dear family member and the holidays are a very clear reminder of their absence. Sometimes that […]

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