New Online Training Course: The Heart Healing Journey Vol 02

Take the next step into a new level of healing, freedom and transformation for your heart through experiencing The Heart Healing Journey Volume 2.

In this series, we begin with more short from videos, but then move into insightful long form content, where I will share insights, stories and application that will help your heart become awakened and empowered in dynamic ways.

My passion is to take on the important subjects that impact all of us in ways that we can process practically. In the first part of Volume 2, you will learn four key aspects to turn the life of your heart into a new direction by applying, acceptance, patience, kindness and the leading of God into new decisions.


I will be covering these subjects and more:

  • The Power of  Self-Acceptance
  • Your Need for Patience
  • What Does Love Say?
  • Kicking Out the Inner Pharisee

Also included are “long form” teachings, where you will gain further insight and help for your journey on these subjects:

  • Permission to Feel
  • Receiving the Signals from Emotional Pain
  • Stuck in Your Head (Moving from Head to Your Heart)
  • Learning to Grieve
  • Healing Memories
  • Healing from Trauma
  • Receiving God’s Guidance
  • Making Powerful Decisions
  • Restoring Joy
  • Living Powerfully with a Sensitive Heart
  • Finding Safe Relationships
  • Turning the Tables on Your Pain




You will also gain freedom from the inner critic and give yourself permission to feel and process through the life of your heart. You will learn to process memories and even trauma in ways that are fruitful; all while learning to experience joy in the midst of struggle.

This training series will provide the overcomers with real life insights that will support your healing and freedom journey!