New Online Training Course: Anxiety and the Healing Journey

Anxiety and the Healing Journey

I am excited to provide an online resource for those who want help and encouragement for healing and freedom journey when it comes to anxiety disorders. This can include generalized anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and more. I believe wholeheartedly that Christians need to talk about anxiety and get equipped on how to overcome in effective […]

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New Online Training Course: The Heart Healing Journey Vol 02

Take the next step into a new level of healing, freedom and transformation for your heart through experiencing The Heart Healing Journey Volume 2. In this series, we begin with more short from videos, but then move into insightful long form content, where I will share insights, stories and application that will help your heart […]

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New Book: “The Heart Healing Journey” Available Now!

I spend my life equipping people to experience healing, freedom and transformation from the heart. I am so excited to release a new book that will help you experience that in a real and practical way. The Heart Healing Journey: Awaken, Heal and Transform Your Life The life of the heart is involved with everything […]

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