What’s Your Relationship Filter?

Relationship Filter

Could it be possible that your relationship filter is killing your relationship potential?  Everyone has a relationship filter that we carry into our interactions. We don’t hear what is actually being said, we hear what our filter picks up. Your history of relationship interactions and how you have processed them influences what your relationship filter […]

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Empowering Your Identity


In this video, I will walk you through the process by which God will strengthen and enhance your identity. Amidst the identity crisis that looms over our culture, it’s important that you get grounded in who you really are in Christ. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself, “Who do I think I am?” […]

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How a Rejection Mindset Distorts Your Sense of Love and Identity

Rejection, Identity, Love, Rejection Mindset

A rejection mindset will seek to interfere with your ability to experience love and walk in the power of your identity. In this video, I explain how important love and identity are in your life, while showing what happens when we feel separated from it. Recommended Resources: Exposing the Rejection Mindset Book Exposing the Rejection […]

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