7 Ways Rejection Distorts Our Workplace Experience

The rejection mindset manifests in the workplace like a plague, so it’s important that we develop a healthy lifestyle when it comes to our work.

The Rejection Mindset in the Workplace

We spend a large portion of our day at work, so it should be a fulfilling experience. But because rejection is such a deep and influential mindset, it can leak into many facets of the workplace.

1. The Pressure to Perform

The very nature of the work place is built on increasing performance. In fact, you are often assessed with “performance reviews.” Very rarely will a boss sit down and say, “so how are you doing?” or “how is your heart-life going?” The basis of your role in the business is mostly based on performance.

This can be really tricky for those who do not have a healthy sense of identity and love in their life. The workplace can begin to suck them into a never ending vortex of constant busyness, pressure, perfectionism, people pleasing and hoards of other rejection-based struggles. Too many walk through their work life experience with a great deal of pressure to perform.

2. The Pressure to Prove Yourself

If you don’t have a solid foundation in who you are, rejection will condition you with a pressure to “prove yourself” everywhere you go. It will perpetuate lies that get you believe you have to prove your worth, value and the right to belong.

The same temptation arrived at Jesus. Satan tempted him with statements of, “If you are the Son of God, then . . . “ Each temptation was a lure for Jesus to prove who He is by doing something that would authenticate His identity.

In the marketplace, you will have the same temptations thrown at you. If you listen to the voice of rejection, the pressure to prove yourself will arrive at every turn.

3. The Pressure of Financial Security

Sadly, too many evaluate their sense of validation by how much money they are making. When talking to people about their life choices and pursuits, far too often the dominant factor is financial.

Our sense of safety has become tied to financial achievement.

Some never reach to their potential because of financial fears, leaving them in a false safety zone their entire life.

While others chase after financial gain as a core mark of value and fulfillment. Yet even if those financial goals are attained, the person eventually realizes they are still empty in their heart.

4. Finding Validation in Your Work

You are not your work.

That is not your fullness of who you are. But unfortunately, a large population of the masses tie their sense of worth to what they do.

The saddest effect of a rejection mindset is that people tend to find their sense of identity and work solely from their jobs. Of course there is nothing wrong with fulfillment at work. The problem is, we too often enter the workforce with a deep need for it to provide connection to our inner sense of worth and love.

Rejection teaches you that who is are is measured by what you do. So therefore, people believe that who you are is your work. They never get a true sense of who they are apart from their work.

In the meantime, their relationship world suffers. Tending to the issues of the heart gets lost in a pursuit of validation that never satisfies.

5. The Lure of Achievement

When someone isn’t rooted in love and a solid identity, achievement becomes one of the top counterfeit temptations. I have never met someone who has been a top level achiever that was truly satisfied by their lifelong pursuit of achievement. There is always this nagging sense of feeling unfulfilled that still follows them.

When you are under a rejection mindset, you can easily pursue achievement at all costs. You lose deep connections to important relationships, you lose your emotional heart health and most of all, you lose who you are.

It shows us what Jesus said when He taught, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36

6. The Pull of Comparison

With a rejection mindset in operation, people have a need to “prove” themselves, so the pressure is on. Therefore, a “slave” mentality kicks in. People are all looking out for themselves, while comparing themselves in unhealthy ways to others. People subtly work against each other, rather than add value to one another.

7. The Drama of Relationship

I have found that one of the best ways to improve the overall effectiveness of a business is for those in the company to get emotionally and relationally healthier. Most of the tension, drained energy and drama comes out of people interacting in emotionally unhealthy ways.

A rejection mindset is the number one root issue that hinders a healthy work environment. It keeps people in survival mode, while viewing the workplace through a tainted and disempowered perspective.

We bring our unhealed wounds and struggles into the workplace, even if you never talk about them. Those places in your heart have an influence in how you see others and how you interact with them. Without proper healing, conflict resolution, productive conversations and clear communication don’t stand a chance.

But want to see your business grow and the company life improve? Address the rejection based mindsets that keep you from having the relationship health your company is meant for and business will soar.

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