What is Grace? Part 3: Grace in the Old Testament

When we consider the word grace, we often reference the New Testament, especially Paul’s writings on grace. But the usage of the word grace is actually all throughout the Bible, even in the Old Testament. When we consider the Old Testament, many think of law, judgment and an intense standard of living that cannot be […]

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What is Grace? Part 2: Discovering Grace

Grace invites us into a journey of discovery who Christ is and all that walking with Him means in our lives. I want to invite you into a deeper a personal experience with the grace of God. I have been deeply changed the love of the Father and the grace of Jesus Christ. I believe […]

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What is Grace? Part 1

The grace of God is absolutely amazing and life changing. But why is it that we struggle to connect to something that is so incredible? Has grace lost its meaning in our hearts, or are we realizing we never had a firm equipping as to what grace really looks like in the first place? Are […]

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7 Reasons Condemnation is Not of God


If you were to imagine your enemy as an army coming against you, the front-line attack is accusation. It’s the infantry of satan’s work, one that he takes on personally. His name speaks of being an accuser.  No one will live a fruitful life while sitting under thoughts that accuse, condemn and shame. But be […]

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S07 Ep14: Addressing Your Questions on OCD

OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

In today’s episode, we address questions arising on the subject of OCD, healing and overcoming from obsessive compulsive battles. “I didn’t think I would relate to this subject,” is what we often hear, until they hear us out and tune into what we are addressing when we bring up Obsessive Compulsive issues. This is way […]

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