Spiritual Blocks to the Life of Your Heart – #08 A Lack of Love and Grace

We will constantly spin our wheels with little progress if we don’t experience the power of God’s love and grace in our hearts. It is astounding but true, that a large percentage of believers engage the Christian walk, but have very little heart connection to God’s love and grace in a personal way. 

Because of this, God is calling us back to the foundation, so that we never leave it. 

The truth is, your symptoms in life are signaling to you that you need a deeper revelation and encounter with what love and grace means in your life. In fact, your entire spiritual journey will struggle deeply when your heart is not experiencing God’s love and grace. 

Love is who God is . . . grace is how He delivers it. Today I pray you can delve into a deeper encounter. 

In today’s video, I will close out my series on Spiritual Blocks to the Life of the Heart, by addressing a lack of love and grace. 

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