Grace and Mental Health

There is a great need we all have to experience the power of God’s grace in deeper ways. This rings especially true when it comes to the journey of our mental health.

One of the great marks of the early apostles journey was their personal experience with the dynamic grace of Father God, which is revealed in Christ Jesus. This revelation of grace formed their spiritual walk and how they approach the work of ministry.

I believe with deep conviction that without connection to the grace of God, working through mental health struggles will become an increasing challenge. Grace is what invites us into covenant relationship with God. It wires us unto His love and empowers us to live an overcoming life.

In this episode, we will talk about the grace of God. What it is. What it looks like and how we can experience it more in our hearts, especially as it pertains to mental health.

We also bring out a number of Scripture references and important insights that can encourage you to live deeper in the power of grace on a daily basis.

Video Broadcast:

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