S07 Ep14: Addressing Your Questions on OCD

In today’s episode, we address questions arising on the subject of OCD, healing and overcoming from obsessive compulsive battles.

“I didn’t think I would relate to this subject,” is what we often hear, until they hear us out and tune into what we are addressing when we bring up Obsessive Compulsive issues. This is way more than just a diagnosed issue, or only for people with cleanliness, germs, checking or order obsessions. The battleground goes way deeper into how we think and process life.

I encourage you to listen all the way to the end of the episode, especially as Melissa shares some very transparent and real examples of how OCD seeks to keep us from landing into the power of God’s love and grace. I know I was personally touched by her vulnerability and authentic sharing.

This episode is meant to help address the battleground of how so many of us can struggle with obsessing and also behaving in compulsive ways. This includes battles with certain anxieties, unwanted thoughts, intrusive thoughts and compulsive patterns we follow to make ourselves feel safe.

We pray that as we address your questions, you are encouraged and given tools to live out the freedom that is available to you.

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