Addressing Your Questions on Anxiety, Phobias and Worry

Questions on Anxiety

Today I address your questions regarding anxiety, phobias, worry and more. Video Broadcast: Here are the questions I address: How do I deal with being scared when I try to sit still and get still during quiet time with God? Dealing with intrusive thoughts, fear and anxiety Do I Need to Speak in Tongues to […]

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How I Stopped Ruminating


What is ruminating, why do we do it and how do we stop? In this video, I want to take some time to answer these questions while also providing some insights on how I began to break the dysempowering habit of ruminating. Simply put, ruminating is a chronic habit of repeating the same thought subject […]

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How to Combat Fear (Psalm 27)

Psalm 27

How do we face the fear factor in our lives? Through the exhortation of Psalm 27, I want to you how you can take your fears and learn to overcome in effective ways. Your battles against fear do not need to hold you back Video Broadcast: Recommended Resources:  God Loves Me and I Love Myself! […]

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How to Stop Being Afraid of Your Thoughts

Afraid of Thoughts

Overcoming OCD and many battles of the mind can become incredibly powerful when we learn to break through the fear factor. A top reason why OCD can be so challenging is the disturbing anxiety that increases in the midst of a specific obsession. In this video, I want to share how we can stop being […]

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OCD Distortion #4: Overestimating Threats

OCD Threats

One of the big distortions that come against OCD sufferers is the intense threat that certain thoughts bring. It starts with a distorted interpretation, but it gets fed by an intense feeling of fear regarding the intensity of dangers involved if these thoughts are not immediately addressed and fixed.  They feel if they do not […]

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