Is this the Fear of the Lord or Am I Afraid of God?

The subject of the “fear of the Lord” can bring about great confusion in the lives of many believers, instead of empowerment to their faith journey. When the fear of the Lord is brought up or taught, many are instead bound in being afraid of God. 

This brings out a bigger issue that is at work. Many believers are taught about God’s holiness, glory and judgment, without experiencing His relational ways. They are not rooted in His love. We are told of His intense majesty and sinlessness, but often in a way that does not encourage us to approach Him. 

Many keep a “safe distance” from God or they struggle to ever experience deeper connection, because their hearts have not been rooted in God’s kindness, goodness and love. Nor do they understand His grace, which empowers us through Christ to come boldly before Him. 

It’s been my observation that masses of believers struggle with being afraid of God. They’re uncomfortable with being close to Him and are often avoiding Him. An anxiousness never lets them settle into God’s love. 

Maybe they feel they can never be holy enough to relate to God or have been religiously trained to perform for God. But simple intimacy with God is difficult, as their perception of God is fear-based. 

In this video, I will share about:

  • What makes the “Fear of the Lord” a challenging subject?
  • What exactly is the fear of the Lord?
  • What does my life look like when I live afraid of God?
  • What does it look like when I live with a healthy fear of the Lord?

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