Addressing Your Questions on Anxiety, Phobias and Worry

Today I address your questions regarding anxiety, phobias, worry and more.

Video Broadcast:

Here are the questions I address:

  • How do I deal with being scared when I try to sit still and get still during quiet time with God?
  • Dealing with intrusive thoughts, fear and anxiety
  • Do I Need to Speak in Tongues to Calm Anxiety?
  • How do I work through phobias that stem back to high school?
  • How do I break the cycle of phobia and panic around driving?
  • Why does everyone say not to worry but then give us multiple reasons to worry?
  • What would be your number one tip when it feels like everything around you is too much to handle?
  • Is Fear is a Sin?
  • Is Fear Also an Idol?
  • How to work through panic and anxiety when around certain people?

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