OCD Distortion #4: Overestimating Threats

One of the big distortions that come against OCD sufferers is the intense threat that certain thoughts bring. It starts with a distorted interpretation, but it gets fed by an intense feeling of fear regarding the intensity of dangers involved if these thoughts are not immediately addressed and fixed. 

They feel if they do not pay attention to these thoughts, there are severe dangers and consequences they will face. It may involve getting a disease, loss of salvation, being cast away from God’s presence, dating the wrong person or some nebulous punishment that awaits them if they do not respond to this thought now. 

It is like they live in a world of twisted conspiracies regarding their thoughts that MUST be paid attention to. It often leads them into perspectives that become highly distorted. 

People around will say, “don’t be so hard on yourself,” or “don’t take yourself so seriously,” or “that sounds too intense,” but an OCD sufferer can easily follow the pressure nonetheless. 

The danger is overemphasized. Your ability to cope, overcome or “be ok” is minimized.

In this video, I want to dive into the subject of what these threats do and how we can approach it with renewed mindsets.

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