OCD, Fear, Control and Exposure Therapy

I want to address a question about exposure therapy to bring out how to work through control issues and the fear that drives control. OCD is rooted in control issues, which are driven by fear. Letting go of control is essential for facing fears and experiencing greater freedom. Exposure therapy, where individuals confront their fears without giving in to compulsions, is a helpful tool in the healing journey.

I will address the 7 distortions and how they influence the OCD struggle. There is a heavy responsibility that impacts Christian OCD strugglers, where some carry a burden of feeling responsible for others’ salvation. In this broadcast, I want to emphasizes the importance of recognizing that the weight of the world is not on one’s shoulders and that sharing the gospel should be done without compulsive behavior.

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Episode Transcript

Key Takeaways:

  • OCD is rooted in control issues and fear.
  • Letting go of control helps to uncover underlying fears and leads to greater freedom.
  • Exposure therapy involves facing fears without giving in to compulsions.
  • Feeling responsible for others’ salvation is a burden that should be released.
  • Sharing the gospel should be done without compulsive behavior.


  • “Control becomes an extension of all the fears that instigate an obsessive spiral and compulsive action.”
  • “Letting go of control actually helps you to see the fears that have been driving all along.”
  • “The love of God isn’t a love where you just sit in a bubble all day and never walk through anything that is wanting to stir up fear.”
  • “Exposure therapy is about letting go of control and accepting that people will make decisions that you can’t control.”
  • “You are responsible to just live your life and take opportunity when opportunity arises, when they ask for the hope that is within you.”

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