I’m Not Running Anymore

For so long, I walked around with a need for deep healing in my heart, but I didn’t recognize it. I guess you could say I was a “hot mess” but I was a functioning hot mess. I could get by through the day.

But over time, the inner battles in my heart drove me to realize that I needed to stop running–running from love. Like many today, I ran from the issues of the heart.

I ran because I was scared . . .

  • Scared of facing God
  • Scared of facing myself
  • Scared of seeing my issues
  • Scared of my thoughts
  • Scared of people rejecting me, shaming me, abandoning me.

But when the symptoms of my life rose to such intense levels, I made a decision that I was going to stop running and receive what my heart needed all my life. It led me to learning to stop and say, “Ok, I’m gonna stop running and receive what my heart needs to experience healing and freedom.”

Today I want to share with you that first statement and six others statements I said that have helped me experience greater healing in my life.

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