Healing from Spiritual Abuse – Part 1 and 2 (Video)

One of the biggest subjects that comes our way has to with the subject of spiritual abuse. Masses of people are coming for help because of abuse they have experienced from someone in church or a ministry, be it a spiritual leader, pastor or someone of influence in their life. The repercussions are intense.

For years, many people have wandered with deep woundedness they have received, not from someone outside the faith, but from within. Yet they have not been able to put a finger on why they are struggling in such intense ways. People can often carry deep lacerations and emotional wounds they infect them for life is not healed. It keeps them from a fruitful life. Spiritual abuse is often a part of the equation.

Worst yet, people who have been spiritually abused often carry that into the next fellowship they join. New layers of hurt build on old layers of hurt, until eventually people shut down and say I can’t take it anymore.

At first, some see the word “abuse” as an intense word to describe this subject. But when you break down the details of what many people have experienced, you will see there is much we are tolerating in church culture that has an abusive effect on the hearts and minds of people.

The Monster of Spiritual Abuse

Everyone gets hurt inside and outside of the church, but spiritual abuse is a whole different kind of monster, especially because it is perpetual, insidious and often very hidden. People can become slowly worn down to the core and left with broken hearts if there is not a clear safety established.

We have too many that are leaving the church, who describe the circumstances around their departure and spiritual abuse is the reason. It can occur in any area of a ministry or church organization. It can be really tricky issue to discern and it often takes help to identify when this is taking place.

We want to address this subject head on, share our own experiences and provide some tools to walk into freedom. We pray our vulnerability will bless your life and help any who have been in spiritually abusive environments.

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Part 1: Healing from Spiritual Abuse

Part 2: Healing from Spiritual Abuse

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