S05 Ep08: Healing Rejection in Your Relationships


If you look at all your relationship frustrations, there are usually themes that keep repeating over and over. They become the irritants that you find yourself venting about. You may find yourself saying, “Why is it that ________ always keeps happening?”  The problem is that when a rejection mindsets gets a hold of hurt in […]

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What’s Your Relationship Filter?

Relationship Filter

Could it be possible that your relationship filter is killing your relationship potential?  Everyone has a relationship filter that we carry into our interactions. We don’t hear what is actually being said, we hear what our filter picks up. Your history of relationship interactions and how you have processed them influences what your relationship filter […]

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Improving Communication in Marriage

Marriage and Communication

If a married couple doesn’t know how to communicate effectively, then over time, the marriage relationship can become more like a roommate scenario. True communication can lead to powerful intimacy in the marriage. But we both bring a history of how we communicate, as well as marriage factors that contribute to whether or not we […]

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Twisted Communication

The most frustrating tactic in Satan’s toolbox is his ability to twist and distort our communication with each other. Being able to communicate is the primary mechanism we have as humans to have relationship with God or others. Satan knows if those communication lines get distorted, then we are all sunk. A rejection mindset works within […]

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