When Your Spouse Has OCD

How do you navigate a healthy marriage when one or both of you has obsessive-compulsive struggles? Living with a spouse who has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can be challenging and overwhelming. The constant need to perform rituals or engage in specific behaviors, coupled with intrusive and distressing thoughts, can take its toll on both the individual […]

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S07 Ep15: Addressing Your Questions on Fear and Marriage Issues

Fear, Marriage

Many of your questions regarding fear, centered around the relationship of marriage. One of the biggest places that fear seeks to manifest and keep you from the potential that is possible is in your marriage. It is the place of deepest covenant and intimacy. It is also a target for fear, but a place where […]

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Improving Communication in Marriage

Marriage and Communication

If a married couple doesn’t know how to communicate effectively, then over time, the marriage relationship can become more like a roommate scenario. True communication can lead to powerful intimacy in the marriage. But we both bring a history of how we communicate, as well as marriage factors that contribute to whether or not we […]

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