How a Rejection Mindset Twists Communication

The number one place relationships break down is in the health of communication=what we say, how we say it . . . what we hear and how we hear it.

With every relationship problem, there is always a communication issue along with it. But when a rejection mindset is in operation, healthy communication don’t stand a chance. This is because rejection twists and distorts communication.

We have all been in those situations where communication gets out of hand. Rejection seeks to interfere in key relationships that have the potential to manifest great fruit.

  1. Marriage/parenting
  2. Close friendship and relationships that have the potential to go deeper.
  3. People we are called to work together with for a particular purpose.

A rejection mindset rises up in the midst of these relationships to steal the power of communication.

  • In conflict, the more you talk, the worse things get.
  • You say something and it is immediately twisted.
  • People misinterpret your motives and spread the lies.
  • Attempts to heal communication become exhausting hours of arguments that go nowhere.
  • Before the conversation even starts, there is already a negative, rejection based perspective that sabotages any healthy communication.

You need to understand the filter you carry. We do not hear what is actually being said to us. We are listening through a filter, a personal interpretation of what we hear. Much of that filter is based on past hurt and pain. Rejection is the biggest filter distorter and twister!

There is a war over healthy communication that you need to see, and rejection is seeking to keep the communication from becoming clear and fruitful.

The enemy hates healthy relationships and erodes connection by messing with the communication lines. The enemy seeks to distort and pervert the power of true love exchange. This is because when the love of God fills a person, that love reaches other people and lives are changed. When we become separated from love, we slowly start to collapse inside.

The majority of our breakdown in wholeness, and even in health, often comes down to a breakdown in relationships. Under the influence of a rejection mindset, you will become used to being rejected. Its ways will become so familiar that you anticipate rejection, attract rejection and find something that validates rejection. Eventually, you’ll find yourself backed into a corner, where you see everyone else as the problem.

In this video I talk about the breakdown in communication and how we can move into healthier directions.

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