When Your Spouse Has OCD

How do you navigate a healthy marriage when one or both of you has obsessive-compulsive struggles?

Living with a spouse who has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can be challenging and overwhelming. The constant need to perform rituals or engage in specific behaviors, coupled with intrusive and distressing thoughts, can take its toll on both the individual with OCD and their partner.

However, while OCD comes with its unique set of struggles, it is possible to live harmoniously with your spouse and support them in their journey towards recovery. This broadcast will explore what it means to live with a spouse who has OCD, the challenges and adjustments required, as well as effective coping strategies and treatments for both the individual with OCD and their significant other. 

In this broadcast, we share a bit of our journey and process in learning to grow in marriage, while also navigating the struggle of OCD.

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