S09 Ep04: Toxic Marriages

As we continue our series on Healing from Toxic Relationships, we cannot move through this subject without addressing the problem of toxic marriages. Unfortunately, too many marriages are tolerating an unaddressed and unhealed toxicity that is eroding the lives of their hearts. 

As we have spent years working behind the scenes, it has become evident that too many marriages are moving into a roommate syndrome. On top of it, a deep toxicity is forming. We are left with two choices: address the issues in the light of God or live a life hiding them. 

In this episode, we are going to do our best to have fruitful conversations that provide insight to what is going on and empower you to make strong decisions in your life. We are not afraid to shine a light on a very difficult subject, while point you to the transforming love and grace of God. 

God designed marriages to display the love and power that is available in His relationship with us, His bride. The end of the whole story which the Bible points to is a marriage celebration. While there is glorious destiny available, there is also deep work of the heart that needs to be done today. 

Marriage brings out many issues of our hearts that need to be addressed. Many never accept the invitation and settle for the roommate syndrome. Yet Christ is calling an awakening in the church, which does not begin with having better church services. It begins with our marriages and how God’s ways are processed in the life of our homes. 

There is a beauty that God designed for marriages to possess, but there is also an all out war over this covenant. You must be aware that the thief has his sights set on you, to prevent the two of you from walking in authentic union. 

The biggest problem is that it takes TWO HUMBLE AND WILLING HEARTS to make this work. 

While we do not claim to have all the answers, we are passionate about teaching people to overcome. We are also aware, through our own journey and the countless marriages we have worked with, that there are some matters of the heart that must be addressed to cultivate an overcoming marriage. 

We are sounding the alarm for believers who want to make the shift into becoming overcomers, that will do whatever it takes to allow God to heal their hearts and bring a new level of healing and freedom into your marriage. 

We pray this episode brings about a sobriety in all our hearts, to realize what is at stake but also seeing what is possible in our marriages. We pray it leads all the overcomers to take action in powerful ways. 

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In this episode, we talk about: 

  • The spiritual battle that wages over our marriages.
  • Two common forms of roommate syndrome in marriages.
  • Signs that a marriage is toxic.
  • What to be mindful of when it comes to the difficult subject of toxicity in marriage.

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