Is your marriage struggling to be what it can be? Many times our ability to communicate powerfully can hold us back form the intimacy that is possible.

If a married couple doesn’t know how to communicate effectively, then overtime, the relationship becomes more like roommates. True, honest and vulnerable communication can lead to amazing intimacy in the marriage. Here are a number of things we have learned in our marriage and the marriages we have helped over the years.

#152: Parenting Our Children to Overcome

Equipping the Next Generation Strategically

Our children won’t stand a chance in their generation unless we parent them to live as overcomers. It is our responsibility to hand the baton off properly, so they can continue the race with endurance. Our generation received many blessings from previous generations. With it came many things that we had to overcome in our own […]

#151: Building Stronger Marriages

Building the Core Foundations to a Powerful Covenant

Strong Marriages

In order to have a strong marriage, you have to go to the foundation. Too many couples waste their time fixing detail issues in their marriage, but never address the core issues that are driving everything else. We have to recognize where our foundation is cracked, or has not been built strong to begin with. […]

#102: Gender Roles and Where We Went Wrong [Podcast]

What is the role of a man? What about a woman’s role? If you ask 100 people you would probably get 100 different answers. Today we want to tackle the subject of healthy living when it comes to gender roles in our relationships? What does the Bible say about it, but what does it actually […]

#067: What is God’s Order for the Home? [Podcast]

On this week’s episode, we want to help paint a picture of what order and peace can look like in the home. With so many families struggling with chaos, dysfunction and rebellion, we want to talk about God’s design for the home and what it can look like. Today’s episode will set the stage for future […]

#063: How to Find and Keep a Good Spouse [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we are going to address the second most important decision of your life. Next to what your relationship with God is, your second most important decision is who you end up marrying. Whether you are single and looking to get married or you have already been married for years, this episode will […]