10 Things You Need to Know About Toxic Agreements

A major aspect of heart healing, freedom and transformation involves becoming aware of toxic agreements that keep your thought life limited and held in bondage.

My prayer is that in becoming more aware of your thoughts, you can develop stronger self-awareness and discernment. So, as you fight the battles you come up against, you don’t feel as though you are aimless in your spiritual heart journey.

It can be very freeing to realize that all thoughts are not your own. Separating out the destructive thoughts that you battle against can be a helpful step in experiencing freedom.

Identifying access points can also help you learn to gain victory in strategic ways.

One way the enemy gains access to our thoughts is through agreement. You don’t need to have a significant trauma or generations of toxic thinking for the enemy to develop strongholds in your life. All he needs is agreement, where a thought is sent your way, which finds a place of allowance in your own thoughts and beliefs.

Agreements shape your entire life, both the ones you talk about, as well as the hidden agreements that lie underground. Agreements can empower you or disempower you. In fact, everything in our life comes down to the agreements we carry. They form how we think, perceive and view all of life.

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