OCD Distortion #3: The Meaning of My Thoughts?

This is where OCD can be very challenging. In fact, this is often where sufferers get tripped up the most. It has to do with how they interpret the thoughts that come to their mind. The meaning they attach to the thoughts is what influences them greatly.

In fact, the meaning or interpretation that have about their thoughts can influence how they see their environment, their spirituality, their struggles and their whole life. That is why this subject is so important to address. 

It is not so much about the thoughts that come your way, it is how you interpret them and the meaning you give them that is important. 

It is a common problem that OCD sufferers are very hard on themselves, so their assessment, interpretation and meaning they give to their inner world is full of hardness, condemnation, criticism and contempt. 

And this comes down to how they interpret and give meaning to the thoughts that come their way. 

Truth About Intrusive and Unwanted Thoughts: 

Everyone has disturbing, unwanted or even intrusive thoughts fly through their mind. But for someone with OCD struggles, these thoughts are interpreted to have a magnified meaning or interpretation that is often condemning, accusatory and shaming. 

The OCD Thought Meaning/Interpretation: 

The key to all thoughts is often in how we interpret them. The meaning we give them.

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