Freedom from a Victim Mindset

In this part 2 of the teaching series “Breaking Limitations Off Your Life,” I am sharing about the destructive bondage of a victim mindset. The insights provided in this teaching are from my own journey as well as insights I have learned in the trenches of helping others heal and overcome. 

With every place of brokenness in our hearts, there will be an attempt for a victim mindset to take residence. It is one of the dominant plagues hitting the hearts and minds of people. It will destroy one’s capacity for healing, growth and overcoming like nothing else. 

I have also found that a victim mentality is not something someone can you can call out in someone. It will be met with anger and defensiveness. Each of us has to personally recognize a victim mindset within our own lives. It is one of the greatest blocks that seeks to prevent you from healing and overcoming. It will keep you stuck and held back.

A Victim Mindset is a highly influential way of thinking, believing and behaving that stems from seeing yourself through the lens of a victim, someone who is under the oppressive power of a person or circumstance that leaves you completely powerless.

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