10 Mindsets for Overcoming Limitations

Many times the crowd will “widdle” down when you talk about being empowered in the midst of brokenness. The crowd gets smaller when you challenge people to take responsibility for their journey. But those who remain can receive the blessing of breaking through, growing and experiencing great fruit as they allow God to lead them in overcoming. 

God’s desire is for you to be deeply rooted and planted trees manifesting fruit of righteousness – so that when people see you – Christ is glorified. Breakthrough, deliverance and true discipleship involves a spiritual exchange: a removal of one influence and the welcoming of another influence. In the biblical sense – it is removal of satan’s kingdom and his way of thinking and establishing the thinking of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. 

In this teaching, I want to share powerful insights that have helped me during my years of learning and growing in the spiritual laboratory of God’s work in my life.

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