6 Stages for Strengthening Your Identity in Christ

Identity in Christ

I want to practically help you with some fruitful stages of how you can strengthen your identity and experience the blessing of connecting to who you are in Christ. Video Broadcast: Recommended Resources:  Experiencing God’s Love as Your Father Exposing the Rejection Mindset To support future videos:  Consider a one-time donation. Become a monthly supporter. Join a free […]

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8 Signs You Are in an Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis

Could it be the symptoms you are manifesting actually reveal that you are going through a personal identity crisis? If so, this can be a really good thing…if you are open. For God is at work right now to restore what it means to really know who you are.  For most of us, our battles […]

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How to Live as God’s Child

God's Child, Identity

Who are you? If I was to sit down with you and ask who you are, what would come to the surface? For most believers, we can give lip service to phrases like, “I am a child of God” or “I am an overcomer,” but when the rubber meets the road in our daily life, […]

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S05 Ep06: Are You Living in Performance Based Christianity?

Performance Based Christianity

Is your relationship with Christ one based on your performance? Have you been taught a performance based form of Christianity? Are you promoting performance based Christianity in your church without even knowing it? Are you in a culture that promotes performance based Christianity? In this episode, we take a sober look at how performance based […]

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