S05 Ep05: Are You in an Identity Crisis?

We need to address the identity crisis going on today, where people are manifesting many symptoms of losing who they are or never knowing who they are to begin with. Melissa and I both talk about 7 signs that you may be in an identity crisis, while also sharing about what to do about it. 

It is important to know that the majority of our battles come down to a lack of identity. We either forgot who we are or never knew who we were to begin with.

Identity is everything. Jesus was tempted around identity. So you need to know that you will be tested in your identity.

So how do we get our identity back? How do we get stronger in our identity? We get the wheels turning as we discuss an identity crisis, while giving you some practical steps to take back who you are.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The importance of who you are in your identity.
  • The 7 signs of an identity crisis.
  • How to begin breaking free to walk firmly in who God says you are.

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