13 Mindsets for Spiritual Refreshment (Psalm 23)

We live in a day and age where we many are not living spiritually and emotionally refreshed. In fact, too often our lives look more like the opposite…burnt out and empty. We seem to go from one thing to another, hoping at some point, we will catch a break, while we continue to live without refreshment.

Yet it is God’s plan that we live in a spiritually and emotionally refreshed life. To experience that, it is not just about a momentary relief, but learning to live a continual lifestyle that refreshes who you are. There is a flow and rhythm to the Kingdom of God that we need to learn. 

For many, this flow of refreshment is off. There is a deep emptiness that doesn’t seem to leave. Constant unfulfilled feelings follow us. Many are giving out too much, while they ignore the issues of their own heart. We’ve not always been taught on how to receive from God in refreshing ways. Therefore, our lifestyle continues to drive us into ruts that leave us empty. 

Psalm 23 sets the template for living a refreshed life. In this teaching video, I want to give you thirteen declarative mindsets; powerful agreements that you can begin establishing in your life to experience greater refreshment.

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