S03 Ep02: Self Awareness

As you seek to experience dynamic transformation in your life, you’ll need to become more accurately aware of what is going on in the life of your heart. Self-awareness is trait of emotional intelligence that can give us a sense of what’s going on and how we are processing life.

As a developed habit, learning to grow in healthy self-awareness can enhance your transformational journey, as well as enrich your relationships. Experiencing healing, freedom and a transformed life happens more effectively when we become aware of what is going on in the life of our hearts. We give God room to work in areas that we are allowing Him to work on.

We are not robots, so God works with us in cooperation with our awareness of His work in our lives. But are we aware of what He is doing in our hearts? Are we even aware as to what is going on in the life of your heart?

Self-Awareness and Transformation

In this episode, we want to talk about cultivating self-awareness and 7 ways it can benefit and enhance your transformation.

Self-awareness will also greatly improve your relationships. You cannot have effective relationships if you don’t recognize how you come across or the effect you have on others.

Too many are too busy to pay attention to what is going on in their heart, so they live without a healthy sense of self-awareness. So when they seek for discernment, their frequency is off, because they cannot even properly perceive their own life. It’s like looking at a spec in someone else and not seeing the log in your own eye. That is a perfect example of a lack of self-awareness.

The good news is that self-awareness can be improved, but you have some heart work to do. Today we want to talk about self-awareness, what it is and how we can enhance it.

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In this episode we talk about:

  • What self-awareness is and what it is not.
  • Becoming more aware of the condition of your heart.
  • Recognizing how emotions influence your life and becoming aware of what influences your emotions.
  • Making room for God to heal and give insight to your emotional life.
  • Understand in greater clarity how you come across in relationships.
  • How to look at your inner life without judgment and condemnation.
  • Enhance your discernment.
  • Improve your relationships.

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