10 Signs You Have a Religious Spirit

But You May Not Want to Admit It

Religious Spirit

With every beautiful thing God creates, there is always a counterfeit setup to resist. That is why it’s important to recognize when we are influenced more by a Pharisaical religion then by the Spirit of God. Yet before you consider all the people in your life who may have this, consider it in yourself. It’s […]

#162: Can You Be a Pastor’s Wife and Not Go Crazy? Part 1

What Hinders Her Sanity and What to do About It

Pastor's Wife

When it comes to the health and wholeness of a church body, I rarely hear much addressed when it comes to the wives of male leaders in the church. It often gets subtly pushed into the background. Most church culture assumes the leaders in a church will just figure out how to remain healthy as […]

I have been spending a lot of time emphasizing the need for healing from spiritual abuse. Unhealed hearts will breed unsafe environments for people to process through their spiritual walk with God. Instead of safety, abuse can easily manifest if there is not a priority for people to live healthy, one with another.

In teaching the course on Healing from Spiritual Abuse, I am including some bonus material on what healthy environments can look like. In this video I give seven key leadership manifestations that show there is signs of health in the culture. I have extracted this from over 20 years of working in different levels of leadership, being a senior leader myself and then spending thousands of hours with people in personal sessions.

As you watch the video, you will see the 7 Manifestations of Healthy Church Leadership:

  1. A healthy mindset of serving, not as slaves, but as sons and daughters. (There’s a big difference!)
  2. Clarity and order, not in a controlling manner, but to give a sense of clarity to the culture.
  3. Loving covering and safety, where love is demonstrated in the culture.
  4. Emotional health and integrity is a high priority and value.
  5. A strong reference for the Word of God that keeps relationships grounded in sanity.
  6. Relational security, where healthy communication, conflict resolution and fruitful discussions can happen.
  7. Empowerment, where people are equipped and built up into their personal potential.

For more insights, join us in Healing from Spiritual Abuse.

10 Ways a Religious Spirit Will Hold You Back

What It is and How It Can Infect Your Life

Religious Spirit

There is such a thing as pure and undefiled religion (James 1:27) . At the same time, there is a counterfeit of authentic worship and ceremonial connection with God. It has a form of the real thing, but it invites more pressure on people than true freedom in Christ. It is often called a religious […]

#161: Freedom from Religious Legalism

Without Going into the Other Extreme

Religious Legalism

I believe there is nothing more dangerous to the health and vitality of people than religious legalism in Christianity. It’s been there since the early church and it finds it way easily into the lives of well meaning churches, ministries and Christian fellowships. The Danger of Legalism No one want so to admit they are […]

10 Ways a Church Operates Like a Cult More than a Healthy Family

Cults form when Culture Gets Dysfunctional

Words are really tricky, so addressing the term “cult” can get very complicated, especially because it’s not always used in the right context. This may come as a surprise to you, but the real meaning of the word cult is not 100% negative. Cult is derived from the word culture and can describe the unity […]

In this video I expose the top mindset that will keep you from experiencing God’s love and loving yourself. When you struggle to love yourself, this mindset works overtime to keep you from it.

If you want to know how to break free to love yourself, at some point you will have to confront this way of thinking that resists love and even numbs you out to love. I have found it to be one of the greatest enemies to healthy and loving relationships.

Self-hate can masquerade itself in so many different ways, but it keep us from loving ourselves in the way God designed us to. It will put up walls and keep us busy ignoring our pain. Or it will condition us to live as our own worst enemy. At some point, we need to come to terms with this deception and embrace what love means for our lives. Breaking through this resistance is a key to walking in freedom.

Watch this video as I coach you through how to confront self-hate and how to break agreement with it in your life.

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#160: Finding Rest in the Midst of a Busy Life

How Sabbath Living Can Enhance Heart Healing and Refreshment

Rest, Sabbath

How do you experience healing for your heart and get the refreshment you need while having a busy life? Is it possible to experience rest and peace of heart in the midst of a full schedule and a demanding life? Can we experience the healing our hearts need while in difficult times or added pressures […]

Learning to love yourself the way God loves you is a critical aspect for growing in the love of God. Love was designed to have a flow to it. Yet so many are blocked in the flow of love, because they have not been equipped to receive God’s love and see themselves the way God does.

In this video, I want to go over two critical components to loving yourself. These two areas involve patience and kindness. Watch as I share how you can apply these two pillars of love towards yourself so that you can let love have a powerful work in your heart. Loving yourself doesn’t have to be just a theory, it can become a reality in your life as you really learn to experience the power of love.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How the flow of love operates.
  • What patience and kindness have to do with loving yourself.
  • How you can apply love over your life today.

Begin to see yourself through the eyes of love!

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#159: There Must Be More: An Interview with Frank Viola

What More Is and Frank's Latest Book: A Titan Collectable

Frank Viola

I am thrilled to have as a special guest for this week’s episode, Frank Viola. He is a best selling author, speaker, blogger and more. Frank helps serious followers of Jesus know their Lord more deeply so they can experience real transformation and make a lasting impact. His blog, frankviola.org, is regularly ranked in the top […]