S01 Ep05: Healing Your Broken Heart

Are You Aware of How Your Brokenness Affects Your Life?

Healing Broken Heart

You, yes you, have a broken heart. The quicker you recognize this, the better you will understand how to live with a heart that is fully alive. Awakening to understanding how our brokenness affects our life is a key to experiencing heart transformation. Recognizing Your Broken Heart We are broken people, living in a broken […]

8 Lies We Believe When Father God’s Love is Not Experienced

Lies that Limit Our Healing Experience

When sharing about their faith walk in an honest way, too often, there is a lack of love connection to God. There isn’t a firm blueprint of His love as a Father written in their hearts. This is often because our father lens needs healing and reconstruction. The earthly examples we received have not aligned […]

New Book “Experiencing God’s Love as Your Father” Available Today

Available in Hardcover and Audio Book Versions.

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God is a Loving Father

But have you experienced the Father’s love?

Father's Love, Love of God, Father God's LoveIf we want to experience God’s love in greater dimension, we will need to know who He is as a Father. But for most people, our father lens has been wounded, so we struggle to relate to God in a His love.

What does father mean to you? Does it stir up references of love, hope and empowerment?

Masses of Christians are going to Jesus, yet avoiding the Father. Even though Jesus lived to show us what the Father is like. Yet to many, their earthly father references have left them wounded or empty. As a result, many believers feel like they are standing on the outside. They don’t feel close to God and struggle with receiving His love.

This all changes when we learn to experience God as our Father. This book will help heal your lens of what father means and usher you into a renewed and powerful relationship with Abba; your Dad.

In this book, you will be encouraged to discover:

  • The two greatest needs that you have in your heart.
  • What keeps us from knowing who God is as a Father?
  • How to overcome our flawed earthly father experiences.

Allow yourself to break through the hindrances that make you feel far from God and experience His love like never before!


S01 Ep04: Do You Want to be Well?

Seven Steps to Move Your Heart into a New Direction

Do You Want to Be Well?

If we want to experience a heart that is fully alive, we have to ask ourselves an important question. It seems very simple, but we often skip over it. Here’s the question . . . do you really want to be well? Do you want to be healed? Do you really want to live with […]

7 Teachings of Jesus About the Father

Letting Jesus to Lead You to Father God

Jesus Father

If you want to learn what intimacy with Father God can be like, observing the life and message of Jesus is the best place to start. His life demonstrates what a powerful connection with Father God can be. In fact, the work that Christ brought, paved the way for us to have a ongoing relationship […]

S01 EP03: Keeping Your Heart from Numbing Out

Changing Our Response to Pain and Problems

Numbing Out

Our generations have been plagued with a persistent pattern of numbing out from our pain and the struggles we face. We all fall into it at one time or another. The problem is, this numbing out pattern is keeping masses of people from experiencing the healing they need, and it is also keeping them from […]

God is in the work of building and solidifying the identity of believers like never before. But are we truly hard-wired to the identity that the Father has given us? Or are we lost in connecting our identity to a role, an achievement or our performance?

Identity is a subject that so simple, yet if it is not cultivated and nurtured, thousands of battles and spider webs of issues can manifest.

The core identity of a believer is a child of God–sons and daughters, loved by your Father in heaven. Yet everything in life seeks to complicate that power. I find that many are in the process of restoring and learning what it means to live powerfully as God’s child.

In this video, I will share about:

  • The biblical emphasis on living as God’s child.
  • How we can restore a child-like heart and live powerfully from it.
  • What are some things you can do today that help you live as God’s child.



When the Father’s Love is Not Received

Why We Listen to the Father of Lies

Father's Love

When we don’t experience the power of the Father’s love, we can find ourselves listening to a counterfeit father. Your enemy knows that if he can get you feeling separated from the power of Father God’s love and goodness, you will be more prone to listening to lies and deception. The adversary will use the […]

S01 EP02: The War Over Your Heart

Being Awakened to the Invisible War Over Your Life

The War Over Your Heart

When you wake up in the morning and face the day, do you recognize the war that is taking place over your heart? Are you aware that as a believer, you are engaged in a spiritual war? What about that resistance you feel throughout your week? Are you aware of an enemy that seeks to […]