#166: Addressing the Culture of Sexual Assault & Harassment

What’s Behind It and How Do We Heal

Sexual Assault

This week’s episode is one where are going to be raw and vulnerable to address a subject that is on the front burner in our country right now. It has to do with the sexual interactions that harm the lives of people and also get hidden under the rug. We’ve titled this episode “the culture […]

“Hindrances to Rest”
by Mark DeJesus

Hindrances to Rest

Rest is available for us right now, but are we aware of the war that exists over us entering into that divine rest?

This message will encourage and challenge you to become more aware of God’s rest and see how you can overcome the obstacles to enter into it today.

God does not just have love, He IS LOVE. This message will help tweak your relationship grid with God. It’s time to end the constant striving and performing in attempts to engage the love of God. Until something changes, we will attempt to love God and other people from an empty tank in our hearts.

This talk will exhort you to take your grid for relationship and let the love of the Father enhance it.

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#165: What to Do With My Emotions

Do I Ignore Them or Feed Them?


Ask ten Christians about how we should deal with our emotions. Most likely you will get ten different answers from all kinds of perspectives. The reality is, we have not been trained in a healthy and biblical ways about how to approach the subject of emotions. So then we don’t know what to do with […]

What is the Rest of God?

And Why Are We Not Living In It?

Rest of God

For over ten years, I’ve been fascinated about what it means to live in the rest of God. Growing up, the subject was mentioned in church, but how to actually process this rest seemed so foreign. In fact, the rest of God is actually one of the most counter cultural precepts in Scripture. It goes […]

“Watching Over Your Heart”
by Mark DeJesus

Watching Over Your Heart

What does it mean to watch over your heart or to guard your heart, in a way that supports your journey of breakthrough and overcoming? Based on Proverbs 4, this message will encourage and equip you with keys that you can begin applying today.

Included in this message are the following insights:

  • What guarding your heart actually means.
  • Includes 3 powerful ways to watch over your heart.