#141: Why We Struggle with Anxiety

Getting to the Core Reasons Anxiety Has a Work in Our Lives

Anxiety’s presence is felt all around the world in various ways. Some openly admit to their war regarding anxious thoughts and feelings, while others hide in shame. Many have not even come to terms with how much anxiety has effected their thinking. For some, anxiety is a battle that comes and goes, for others, it’s […]

What to do when we feel a sense of separation from God. All believers have a need to experience the closeness of God in their hearts. So it can be extremely tormenting to feel any sense of separation from God.

Find out what I learned and experienced, which changed my walk with God forever.

Expose this deceptive mindset in your life and experience freedom.

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When Insecurity is Revealed

What Will We Do When Insecurity Manifests in Our Life?

God will work through our lives no matter how insecure we are. That’s how good His grace is. Yet if we do not allow Him to develop our inner life, then insecurity will sabotage our long-term effectiveness. What our giftedness draws in will become impaired by unaddressed insecurity. I believe time is ripe for us […]

#140: Help for Overcoming Anxiety

Understanding the Battle So You Get Victory

Anxiety is not only a growing problem, it has become a cultural way of life. Statistics for anxiety disorders and anxiety related issues are growing, while the word “anxious” is commonplace for most people. It seems that high levels of stress, tension, worry and ruminating thoughts are just a way of life. Anxiety disorders includes […]

Whether or not we love ourselves the way God loves us directly effects our relationships. Many times the breakdown and conflict in relationship comes down to this issue.

Here are three things that occur in our relationships when we do not love ourselves.

  1. We look to a relationship to be our source of filling a need, in the place of God filling it.
  2. We come to relationships to take and not give.
  3. We manifest the toxicity we carry onto others, accusing them.

Are you falling into any of these patterns in your marriage, dating relationship or friendship?

Get free and learn to love yourself by getting your copy of God Loves Me and I Love Myself.


Confronting Our Insecurity

Insecurity is at the root of all our relational struggles. It causes leaders to manifest dysfunctional behavior and keeps families and friends in chronic strife. The problem with insecurities is they often drive us to see other people as the problem, never allowing us to look within and see the areas in our lives that […]

I know what it’s like to struggle 24/7 in my thoughts and mind. I had to personally confront what my focus was on a daily basis. What was I filling myself with? God spoke to my heart: “What are you going to think about when you get free?”

I had to learn not only what I was getting free from, but I had to get a vision of what I am moving to. We are so used to our toxic thinking that we know of nothing else. We have to learn how to think new before we enter into the land of freedom.

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#139: 4 Ways We Cover Up Our Brokenness

Uncovering Our Dysfunctional Patterns that Keep us From Addressing Broken Areas

Everyone is broken, but most people spend their whole life covering up their brokenness rather than being open to the healing. Many people are simply ignorant to how the brokenness of their heart is affecting their life. Others live in a world of denial, being defensive and even stubborn, keeping people from seeing the vulnerable […]

We have been so conditioned to run from pain and discomfort that it keeps us from the potential we carry.

God is not interested in making us comfortable, but stretching us. To walk in freedom, we need to put ourselves in a position where God must show up: because we really need Him to.

#138: How Vulnerable Should You Be?

Engaging Authentic Connection and Overcoming the Hinderances

The only way to have powerful relationships is to live with healthy vulnerability. Yet we’ve all had those experiences where we’ve shared our hearts, opened up a sensitive area in our life and another person or group didn’t handle it with care. We end up with a choice, we either close that area off, deciding […]