The Christian, Mental Health and Medication

Should I just go on medication? Is medication wrong for a Christian? I feel like I am struggling with my mental health, is medication going to help cure me? These are common questions that arise when people find their mood, their thought-life and emotions out of control or challenging to manage. In a world where there are so many opinions and perspectives, how can we make decisions about medication and mental health in a way that is fruitful and grounded for our journey?

As Christians, I believe that God has a way for us to experience healing and freedom in mental health: which involves healing how we think, how we process emotions and how we connect in relationships. Along the way, the subject of medication comes up as a possible way to help.

I want to address this subject in a way that is compassionate, gracious, but also illuminating and helpful. It is my deep convictions that we need to be discerning, not in fear, not in spiraling, but in sobriety, to understand the helpful paths for our journey. And this includes mental health and medication.

Keep in mind that what I am sharing is to add value to your journey. It’s not meant to replace any professional help you are getting. Allow me to speak to you from a pastor’s heart, from my personal experience, my own research and learning, as well as my work interacting with thousands of people on their mental health journey.

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