Do You Have a Quick Fix Mentality with Your Mental Health?

Are you chasing a quick fix mindset? In our struggle with mental and emotional health, we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to hurry up, “fix” ourselves and fix ourselves quickly.

“Fix it. Fix it quickly. Hurry up! Get me to the solution in the fastest way possible.”

The problem is that mental, emotional and relationship struggles involve the life of the heart. And no matter how much you rush things, you cannot experience life transformation in a fast paced, quick fix kind of approach. In all my work, I have to help everyone get quick fix thinking out of their lives and on top of that, no longer become pulled by quick fix promoters, because there are many out there–communicating to people that healing, transformation and even change are light switch experiences. It is just not accurate and its not helping people.

Today I want to encourage you to detox your thinking of any quick fix mentality, because it will work against your journey and actually may prolong your process.

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