What is Grace? Part 09: Grace vs Performance and Perfectionism

To understand the power of grace, you’ll need to understand how it contrasts with performance and perfectionism. Most would say this is really about grace vs law, which is true. But we don’t often see how law impacts us today.

When most believers think of LAW, they often think of sacrifices, OT ceremonies and an intense list of thou shall nots. But they don’t see the modern version of law that shows up in performance based Christianity and Christian perfectionism.

These two driving forces heavily influenced my life and were the main forces in how I actually related to God on a daily basis. It deceives believers and strips them of living in freedom. It hinders and erodes mental health. The law in its modern form is performance and perfectionism. It creates a mentality that produces dead results, but keeps us locked into the cycle. In our brokenness and shame, condemnation comes in and tell us we need to fix things through performing and fixing a list of disturbances we see in our lives.

Meanwhile, this pattern of living blocks our vision of God’s love for us and His grace towards us. Today, I want to help your discernment and expose the deception of performance and perfectionism, while also calling you to embrace the grace over your life, to become empowered and recalibrated in:

  • The love of the Father
  • The righteousness found in Jesus Christ alone.

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