What Jesus Has to Say About Your Worry (Matthew 6)

Jesus has a lot to say about worry, but we need to understand what feeds worry and the core issues of the heart that drive cycles of worry.

We use the term worry in our modern day culture as a way to describe how we concern ourselves for the future. It causes us to be troubled over an issue and to feel uneasy about an upcoming event. Worry tends to leave things unresolved within us and causes people to lack peace about the future. This word describes how we mull over things and ponder continually about issues and events that deeply concern us. For most people, it can be a temporary thing, but in many cases it can become chronic. The interesting thing is that the middle age English word definition for worry (which is where this word comes from) means “to strangle, choke, or constrict, to harass by tearing, biting, or snapping especially at the throat”. It also means “to feel or experience concern or anxiety.”

In Matthew 6, Jesus addresses the overarching influence that makes us vulnerable to worry, especially when it comes to our finances and areas of provision.

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